AutoDownload - Course Matching


AutoDownload is a two part process - the course matching and the personal data retrieval. AutoDownload is activated on a per event basis so it is possible, if you really want to, to use the software without using this facility. This would mean any card downloaded without being pre-entered would be thrown out as an error.

Automatic personal data retrieval is done by using the national database of card numbers. If this fails then it is possible to manually retrieve a competitor's personal information by BOF number. It is suggested that hired cards are pre-entered on to the system (you can leave the course blank) to speed up download times. The pre-entry screen is basically identical to the download screen so you can locate a competitor by BOF number or type them in. If you register your club's hire cards in the national database as hire cards then you are informed in large writing at download that the card used is a hire one (so you can collect it!).

Course matching is done by comparing the controls visited to the controls on a course. By doing this for all courses at the point of download it is possible to give a % match for each course. AutoDownload will automatically select the best match as long as it is at least 85%. You can select any course on the download screen and view its match % and a disqualification reason (if not 100%). If there is a score course at the event and there is no other course match then this will be automatically selected if the finish time is within +5 or -5 minutes of the score course allowed time. If the event is age class based, once it has determined the course it will try and get the age class on that course from the age and sex of the competitor.

If you change a course after there are finishers you will be given the option to re-check all finishers. This will not auto-detect the course again but merely re-check the course previously selected.

Screen shot showing the course match percentage on download - in this case 100%!

course match screenshot