AutoDownload - Features


Apart from its key advantage of automatically entering competitors on download, AutoDownload has several features which also make it stand out from the crowd.

  • Single Event, Unlimited Multi Stage, Relay - all in the one application
  • Performance and robustness. AutoDownload is based on the industry-leading database Microsoft SQL Server. Most of our competitors use old file-sharing database technology.
  • Fast searches for competitors. You can enter search parameters such as parts of names (e.g. "Smith" would return Smith, Smithson, Naysmith etc), clubs, etc - no more scrolling down to find the competitor you want.
  • Use the same E-Card twice (or more) in an event. Even if you have enough hire cards this is useful for when dad takes little Johnny around the White course then runs his Brown course on the same card by mistake.
  • Safety Check is safe! It works on SiCards that have passed through the start and downloaded data alone. This is much safer than systems that rely on entries as you catch people who haven't entered e.g. helpers, husband and wife who both think each other has done the entries etc. You can download all Start, Check and even Clear boxes into the system which means you should catch everybody, even if they forgot to punch the start or check. The downloaded punch times from start/prestart are compared with downloaded Finish times to ensure even when a card is re-used the safety check is still safe.
  • IOF XML compatible. The IOF created a standard for data exchange based on XML, and AutoDownload embraces this standard. Even the backup of the whole event is written in and out of XML, rather than using a database backup technology - this means it is easy for non-technical users to create and email event backups. No more closing download stations to do a backup. Other software which supports this standard includes OCAD9, Condes, Fabian4, Routegadget and all other programs in the AutoDownload suite such as Inter-club Results.
  • Support for score and non-score courses in the same event. No more having separate download lanes for score and non-score courses. Score courses can have different points for a control between courses e.g. 101 is 30 pts on the 1 hour score and 20pts on the 45 min score. AutoDownload will automatically detect, where possible, between score and non-score course, and which score course was run.
  • Support for BMBO events. BMBO age classes are supported natively, as are the standard BMBO lateness penalties for score events. Timeouts for road crossings and bridleway sections are included, and the results show a total timeout for each competitor to hopefully shame competitors into not taking too long on the timeouts!
  • Butterfly loops are supported. Nothing new in that you say, but AutoDownload takes out the hassle of selecting everybody a course by automatically detecting which course variation has been run. If you want to check competitors have run the correct course this can be done afterwards - all in the AutoDownload ethos of simple is best.
  • Card usage reporting. If you use hire cards brought in from another club or organisation and pay a hire-fee based on the number used, then as long as those cards are registered with SPORTident UK then you can report how many were used.
  • Pairs support. An event can have pairs added in either strict or lazy mode. Strict mode requires that a pair both punch all controls, lazy mode means either or both can punch. With strict mode you can also specify a time limit that the punches must be between. Why not let pairs on the White have an e-card each?
  • Publish different control numbers and codes. Each control on each course has the code and number for the electronic checking, and the code and number for publishing. This means you can do things like have 101 being "AZ" or "899" on the splits, or have control number 12 being "Road Xing", and 13 being 12, 14 being 13 etc. The published code and number default from the electronic ones to save time. You can also specify "alternative" electronic codes for a control - for use if a station fails mid race.
  • Integrated Badge Times and Colour Standard calculators
  • Integrated Live Results for displaying results as they happen on screens at the event
  • SI-Cards 5, 6, 6*, 8, 9, tCard, pCard supported and events of over 24 hours
  • Live Results displayed to local screens on a networked computer and html generation/upload on a timer
  • Sprinter finish support