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2.6km 120m

Pos Name Team Club/Country Relay Age Class Time
1st Tereza Cechova JUNIOR O-SPORT JOS (CZE) D - Women's Short   17:56
2nd Louise Marksted ebor3 EBOR (GBR) D - Women's Short   19:31
3rd Marlin Haavengen KOL Girls Kongsberg O-lag (NOR) L - Intermediate Women (W48-)   19:49
4th Laura King AIREBells AIRE (GBR) L - Intermediate Women (W48-)   20:41
5th Lizzie Adams LOC Fairfield LOC (GBR) D - Women's Short   22:40
6th Catherine Wilson Seloc Swallows SELOC (GBR) D - Women's Short   22:53
7th Idunn Haavengen KOL Ladies Kongsberg O-lag (NOR) D - Women's Short   24:30
8th Charlie Somers-Cocks LOC Catstycam LOC (GBR) H - Veteran Women (W165+)   25:26
9th Michelle Mackervoy Grey Bass DVO (GBR) D - Women's Short   25:44
10th Bryony Crickmore Goodwood SO (GBR) D - Women's Short   25:49
11th John Robinson Chasing Pensioners WCH (GBR) J - Ultra-Veterans (MW210+)   26:04
12th= Dave Coustick FVO Shades of Grey FVO (GBR) J - Ultra-Veterans (MW210+)   27:07
12th= Robin Thomas BL4 BL (GBR) J - Ultra-Veterans (MW210+)   27:07
14th Fiona Newby LOC Skiddaw LOC (GBR) L - Intermediate Women (W48-)   27:57
15th Megan Bett SNow Flakes SN (GBR) L - Intermediate Women (W48-)   28:01
16th Hilary Quick BASOC Wolverines BASOC (GBR) H - Veteran Women (W165+)   28:17
17th Mike Hampton ODds on OD (GBR) J - Ultra-Veterans (MW210+)   28:19
18th Natasha Conway AIREStreaks AIRE (GBR) D - Women's Short   28:25
19th Robin Carter Devon Belles DEVON (GBR) D - Women's Short   29:57
20th Dulcie Grierson Devon Damsels DEVON (GBR) L - Intermediate Women (W48-)   30:15
21st Vanessa McMillan HH Antelopes HH (GBR) D - Women's Short   30:45
22nd Helen Bickle WAOC Wonders WAOC (GBR) D - Women's Short   30:53
23rd Raymond Wren BL2 BL (GBR) J - Ultra-Veterans (MW210+)   31:43
24th Margaret Dalgleish ESOC Rebels ESOC (GBR) H - Veteran Women (W165+)   31:55
25th Lindsey Hensman Claro Clearheaded CLARO (GBR) H - Veteran Women (W165+)   33:09
26th Howard Thomas BOK 13 BOK (GBR) J - Ultra-Veterans (MW210+)   33:21
27th Lois Jefferson LOC Steeple LOC (GBR) L - Intermediate Women (W48-) W18 33:28
28th Heather Fellbaum MDOC THE VERY BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLDS MDOC (GBR) H - Veteran Women (W165+)   33:30
29th Caroline Mackenzie Clok 5 CLOK (GBR) D - Women's Short   33:53
30th Evelyn Elmes 3DEEgrees DEE (GBR) L - Intermediate Women (W48-)   35:05
31st Holly Hughes Chasers Starbucks WCH (GBR) L - Intermediate Women (W48-)   35:50
32nd Ellen Ariansen Team Ellen ERYRI (GBR) D - Women's Short   37:03
33rd Diane Jacks Over The Wrekin WRE (GBR) D - Women's Short   39:33
34th Nicola Gardner WAOC Whirlwinds WAOC (GBR) H - Veteran Women (W165+)   39:45
35th Jean Fitzgerald Saxon Queens SAX (GBR) H - Veteran Women (W165+)   40:52
36th Nikki Crawford WIM UVets WIM (GBR) J - Ultra-Veterans (MW210+)   45:52
37th Kath Etherden Seloc Swans SELOC (GBR) D - Women's Short   50:13
38th Denise Mullins Sarum Skyscrapers SARUM (GBR) H - Veteran Women (W165+)   51:02
39th Barbara Ford HOC but not forgotten HOC (GBR) H - Veteran Women (W165+)   59:29
40th Geraldine Russell SOS 4 SOS (GBR) J - Ultra-Veterans (MW210+)   68:34
m3 Sofie Anderson BOK 15 BOK (GBR) L - Intermediate Women (W48-)   28:31