The use of SPORTident is limited only by your imagination. You can integrate SPORTident into your existing games, or why not try some of our suggested activities. These include:

If you have any ideas for other games or activities using SPORTident then please contact us so we can publish them on our more games page.

Integration with Mathematics

Take your SPORTident results to the classroom and use them to plot charts and graphs. Calculate some simple statistics for the group.

Hit and Miss

Pupils run from the apparatus towards the cones in the centre of the gym. Use SPORTident to record their visit to as many cones as possible within a given time. A few members of the other team try to make it harder to reach the cones.

Random Run

The random run requires an active mind and a good memory. Each cone has a number. Give the pupils a sequence of cones (eg 7-4-1-5-3-8), which they must visit as quickly as possible. Use SPORTident to confirm the order they actually visit the cones and record their time. Change the sequence often.

Shuttle Run

The shuttle run is a popular exercise where a pupil runs to and from a pair of cones. Use SPORTident to record the split time at each turn. The printout will show the overall time and also demonstrate how performance changes on each lap. You can now do the exercise again and the winner could be the pupil with the two closest performances.

Obstacle Course

An obstacle course can be constructed in many different ways, both in the gym and outside. Use SPORTident to record the split time between each obstacle and the overall time. Pupils will improve and a comparison with previous attempts provides added excitement.

More Games


Devise a route and let the students run it as a relay. Use the SI-Card as a baton but don't forget to punch before the end of each lap.

Even Pace

Place the cones in a circle with the same distance between each cone. The students should try to run the course at as even a pace as possible. The winner has the least variation in their split times.

Guess the time

Design an interesting route and let the students guess their time before they run it. The runner with the best guess wins. Use of clocks and watches is forbidden.

Cross Country

Children love beating records, their own and others. Site the controls along a cross country route in an area around the school. Log the children's split & total times in a year record book for each grade. Then have a prize giving for the fastest boy and girl in each class at the end of the year.

The Maths Game

The stations are numbered from 1 to 9 and placed randomly around the gym. Everybody is given a card with five different maths questions on it. As they work out the solution to each question they must run to the boxes that correspond to the correct answer. So if the first question is what is 23 + 45 they must punch boxes 6 and 8 before doing the second question. The winner is the one with the fastest time who correctly solved all of their questions.