Since September 2015 we have been working on our new results software SiTiming as a replacement for AutoDownload, LappedEnduro and Team Results Sheet (TRS).

SiTiming can be installed alongside AutoDownload so while you get familiar with the new concepts you can still use AutoDownload. Installing SiTiming does not uninstall AutoDownload or change the data stored in AutoDownload databases.

AutoDownload licence keys work in SiTiming.

Purchasing a software licence, support and terms & conditions of use

Document Date
SiTiming Software - version 4.55.1482.3169 (Release Notes) 20 Feb 2018
SiTiming User Guide v10 (pdf) 18 Jan 2018
SiTiming Installation Guide v2 (pdf) - Before downloading and installing the software for the first time please read. 13 Jul 2017
SQL Server and Networking Troubleshooting Guide v4 (pdf) - If you are having trouble with connecting to SQL Server or using SiTiming across a network. An AutoDownload guide but just as valid for SiTiming. 9 Sep 2016
Installing SQL Server Outside of SiTiming v2 (pdf) - We strongly recommend that SQL Server is installed from within the SiTiming application. This ensures that the correct default settings are made as part of the install process. However if you are struggling it is possible to install the software outside SiTiming. This document shows the steps for installing SQL Server 2012. 13 Jul 2017
SiTiming Background v1 (pdf) - Background information on the concepts behind SiTiming. 17 Aug 2016
AutoDownload To SiTiming v3 (pdf) - Information sheet aimed at users of AutoDownload moving to SiTiming, highlighting some of the key changes. 21 Feb 2018
SiTiming Remote Data Collection (pdf) - Information sheet on collecting remote punch data using SI-GSM or ROC (Raspberry Pi). 7 Oct 2016
Printout Station Backup Reader Software - version 4.0.1421.3043 - Application to create an XML file of download data by reading the backup memory of a Printout Station. The XML file can then be imported into SiTiming. This process is a replacement to reading the backup memory in SI-ConfigPlus and then loading the CSV file created into AutoDownload. 22 Aug 2017



Event Management

Document Date
Managing a MTB Enduro with SPORTident Air+ (Contactless Timing Equipment) 23 May 2017
Managing an Orienteering Event with Mixed Punching 9 May 2017