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SPORTident is a perfect fit for orienteering, in fact the original SPORTident devices and software were designed specifically for the sport. SPORTident is the system of choice for orienteering clubs in the UK and is used worldwide, from small local events to the World Championships.

SPORTident timing equipment

As the runner navigates around the course they register at each check point with their timing card. With the classic SI-Card, the runner dibs their card in the hole in the SPORTident timing station and the station beeps and flashes to indicate that the time stamp has been recorded on the card. The SPORTident AIR+ system allows contactless punching, with the competitor passing their SIAC (SPORTident Active Card) close to the station. The SIAC beeps and flashes to show that the time stamp has been recorded.

Because the timing data is stored directly on the card the competitor is carrying, as soon as they finish the data can be downloaded and results created.

Contactless timing with SIACs

The SPORTident Active Card (SIAC) is the next step in the evolution of orienteering, removing the need for competitors to slow down at controls. There is no need for the club or organisation to purchase any new equipment as all SPORTident timing stations can be used in beacon mode, whereby those with classic SI-Cards dib as previously, and competitors with SIACs pass within 50 cm.

With a SIAC it is the CHECK station in the CLEAR – CHECK process before the start which activates the contactless mode, and the FINISH station which deactivates contactless timing. Where a SIAC is not activated, or where the stations are not in beacon mode, the SIAC can be dibbed like a classic SI-Card.


Our SiTiming results software will enable you to get the most out of your SPORTident equipment. The software works with all types of orienteering events from those with simple linear courses to score courses and gaffled relays. See the SiTiming page for more information.

Advantages for you as an organiser

Proven – the SPORTident technology is used by thousands of events each year to provide accurate results

Mixed punching – timing stations can be used for both classic and contactless punching

Robust – The light weight timing stations are waterproof and can be left out in the terrain for days at a time. Metal plates can be purchased so they can be secured to immovable objects

Instant results and course checking – when paired with SiTiming results software