Schools & Outdoor Centres

SPORTident adds a new dimension to exercise and sport. Children love using SPORTident and PE lessons will never be the same again. Create an exciting obstacle course, turn on a timing device and let your pupils measure their own time. That's how easy it is to motivate the whole class.

The success of SPORTident is based on the principle of giving the pupils instant feedback about their activities. They can see their improvement there and then and what better motivation is there for exercise? It can be a simple game or a more serious competition.

Pupils must feel they can compete on their own terms and whether it is a game or competition, it must be as a fair as possible.

SPORTident is all about timing and providing instant results. It can be used individually or by teams, by boys or girls, at one or more locations, indoors or outside. You can create your own courses and a game can quickly be made into a competition.

SPORTident is simple, fair and guaranteed to be fun.