SI-Card Registration

Please register your SI-Card / Check your details

SPORTident UK maintain a unified UK database of SI-Cards, their owners and the sports in which they take part. This information is for use in conjunction with SPORTident Timing software. At an event, it allows an event organiser to type in an SI-Card number and the relevant details of the SI-Card owner such as age category and club are automatically made available from the database. This is a very significant timesaving device for the organiser and can simplify and speed up the entry process for the competitor.

Please register your SI-Card and tell us about the sports in which you participate. If you are already on the database please check your details to ensure that they are correct.

Clubs can also register their hire cards via their club login to the archive. If you have lost your club password or your club is not registered for the archive please contact us.

Previous owner? If your SI-Card was previously used by another person it may well be registered to them in the archive. Please ask them to “login” to the archive and update their details selecting “an SI-Card now used by somebody else” for the card use question. This will delete the SI-Card from the archive and allow you to register it. If the SI-Card was previous a “hire card” then please ask the club to delete the SI-Card from their hire card list so that you can register it.