MTB Enduro

Enduro Mountain Bike Races are a mixture of arduous uphill, downhill and cross country sections. These timed sections (stages) are linked by less strenuous intermediate sections. The winner of the race is the one with the lowest accumulated time over the stages.


Based on the SPORTident ActiveCard (SIAC), the AIR+ system supports the special requirements of MTB Enduro with sub-second timing and simple set up. Using our contactless timing chip the rider can roll through the start of the stage and fly through the finish, meaning the they can forget about the timing and concentrate on nailing that line.

Advantages for you as an organiser

Easy to set up and deploy – The small size and weight of the timing beacons mean easy and rapid installation even in areas where access is difficult. There are no wires or mats across the track and no wires running down the track, so safer for riders and less personnel expenses as fewer course marshals are required.

Flexible – Using our SiTiming software you have control over the type of course – is each stage to be run once or multiple times; do the stages need to be taken in order or in any order?

Instant results - The timing data is recorded in the riders’ SIAC so instant results are produced when the rider downloads after the finish. Advanced options include collecting data out on the course and web results during the day.

Robust - The waterproof beacons have an integrated rechargeable battery and so do not need an external power source. Any time. Any location. Any weather.

In Use

Before the event the timing beacons will have been charged and their times synchronised. A BS11-BS beacon is used at the start of each stage which gives a range of 1.8 metres, with a BS11-BL beacon at the end of the stage having a range of 3 metres. Due to their low size and weight it is easy to carry the timing equipment for four or five stages in a rucksack. When deploying the beacons, they will be attached at handlebar height to stakes at the start and finish of each stage, all the same side of the track.

Each rider is given a SPORTident ActiveCard (SIAC) on an elastic wrist strap which is worn on the same side as the beacons have been deployed. As the rider leaves the event hub to start their competition run their SIAC is switched on to activate contactless timing. The SIAC will emit a faint green ‘heartbeat’ to show that it is activated. When the rider passes a stage start or stage finish beacon their SIAC will clearly beep and flash to show that the time stamp has been recorded.

On returning to the event hub, the riders’ SIAC is downloaded into the SiTiming software, updating the results screen and printing the competitors split times. The SIAC can even be downloaded at points during the race to provide intermediate results. As the sport of MTB Enduro has evolved so too has the type of events that organisers put on. SiTiming can manage the results for a multitude of formats, from the traditional ‘all stages run once in a prescribed order’ to ‘stages ridden multiple times in any order’. Where the event is part of a series, series results can be calculated at the event so that prizes can be presented shortly after the last rider has finished at the final event.

For prestige events we can offer extended services such as data collection out on the course with the interim results being posted on the internet.

Events which use SPORTident AIR+ Timing Vitus First Tracks Welsh Enduro Series Scottish Enduro Series Hope PMBA Northern Downhill Emerald Enduro Enduro World Series

Recommended Products

SPORTident ActiveCards (SIAC) for each rider
BS11-BS - station with 1.80m range for each start of a stage
BS11-BL - station with 3m range for each finish of a stage
BSM7-D-USB / BSM8-DB-USB - to read out the SIAC onto the computer
USB-Dongle - to read out the card contactless onto the computer
Splits printer
Magnet for switching stations On/Off
Purchase or hire
Training / Operating / Timing Service