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Whether you are organising a championship fell race, a 100 mile ultra run or a non-competitive walk, SPORTident can help you. To a greater or lesser extent all running and walking events need to know who is still out on the course, that all participants have completed the route (no short cuts!), and the time that each participant has taken.

SPORTident timing equipment

The SPORTident timing kit is perfect for events where you want to record times out on the course. Depending on the timing card used, up to 128 intermediate timing points can be recorded. And, because this time data is carried by the competitor in their timing card, you can give them their results as soon as they finish and hand in their SI-Card. With our timing and results system you know who has started, who is still out on the course, and if you use our live solution, which checkpoint competitors were last at.

Advantages for you as an organiser

Easy to set up and deploy – Each timing station is small and can be hand held or event left unmanned. There are no wires or mats across the trail so safer for participants and the public.

Instant Results - The timing data is recorded in the participants’ timing card so instant results are produced when the participant downloads after the finish.

Robust - The waterproof timing stations have an integrated battery and so do not need an external power source and do not need to be under cover.

In use

Participants are given their SI-Card (timing chip) at registration and carry it attached to their wrist with a tyvek strap or on a lanyard around their neck. The SPORTident timing solution is very flexible over starts: everyone can start at the same time, different routes can have different start times, or participants can choose when to start. You could even have a combination, with perhaps the majority going off in a mass start with a few of the slower walkers setting off earlier. Our SiTiming software will manage it all.

At each timing point the participant ‘dibs’ their SI-Card in the timing station to record the time they arrived there. The timing stations can be supplied with metal base plates and wires so they can be secured to gates etc. This means they can be deployed at strategic locations around the route to ensure participants don’t ‘accidently’ take that shorter road option!

Participants ‘dib’ at the finish and hand back their SI-Card to be downloaded. A receipt is automatically printed for the participant showing their total time and their split times between check points, and a nearby screen showing scrolling results is updated. Certificates can be automatically printed or available online should you wish, showing such things as participant name, course and time.

For larger events where we are supporting on the day we can provide updates when participants arrive at a checkpoint, either just to event HQ, or to a live website that friends and family can follow. For a number of events we also send updates via text message to selected friends/family.

SPORTident SI-Card for each participant
BSF8 – stations for each timing point
BSF8 - CLEAR, CHECK, Start, Finish
BSM7-D-USB / BSM8-DB-USB - to read the SI-Card onto the computer
Splits printer
Purchase or hire
Training / Operating / Timing Service