While we all know sportives aren’t races, everyone wants to know how long they took and be able to compare themselves to their friends and rivals.

SPORTident timing equipment

By using SPORTident to time your cycle sportive you can give your riders all the timing information they want, as well as knowing who has started, who has finished, and critically, who is still out on the course.

Advantages for you as an organiser

Easy to set up and deploy – Each timing station is small and can be hand held. There are no wires or mats across the road so safer for riders and the public.

Instant Results - The timing data is recorded in the riders’ timing card so instant results are produced when the rider downloads after the finish. If each route has a different combination of timing points, then the course the rider completed can be automatically assigned when they finish.

Robust - The waterproof timing stations have an integrated battery and so do not need an external power source and do not need to be under cover.

In use

Riders are given their SI-Card (timing chip) at registration and carry it on a lanyard around their neck or attached to their wrist with a tyvek strip. At the start the rider simply places their SI-Card on/in the Start Timing Station (depending on the SI-Card type). This records their start time and means you, the organiser, know who has started and when. At each timing point on the course, usually feed stations, the rider ‘dibs’ the Timing Station to record their time, and the same at the finish. The rider hands back their SI-Card and it is downloaded, and in return they are given a printout showing their total time and their split times between check points. A nearby screen shows scrolling results, updated each time an SI-Card is downloaded. At home after the event riders can go online and get a certificate of completion including their name, time and the award standard they achieved.

SPORTident pCard for each rider
BSF8 – stations for each timing point
BSF8 - CLEAR, CHECK, Start, Finish
BSM7-D-USB / BSM8-DB-USB - to read the pCard onto the computer
Splits printer
Purchase or hire
Training / Operating / Timing Service