Adventure Races

Adventure races take place all over the world and involve solos and teams navigating between check points using a variety of human powered means. While sprint races may only last a few hours, expedition races may be non-stop for a week or longer. These races take a great toll on each competitor as well as the race equipment. And this is where SPORTident timing equipment comes into its own.

SPORTident timing equipment

Each team or racer has an SI-Card, the timing card, attached to their wrist with a Tyvek wrist band. This SI-Card is dibbed in the SPORTident timing station at each check point to record that the team has passed by. The team’s SI-Cards can be downloaded at any time during the race to build up the results as the race progresses. As the data is also recorded on the timing station you can interrogate the station to see which teams have been through the check point if necessary for safety monitoring.

Our SiTiming results software can automatically calculate bonuses and penalties based on the check points the team has visited, and the results can be printed out for the team as they finish.

Advantages for you as an organiser

Easy to set up and deploy – The small size and weight of the timing stations mean easy and rapid installation, even in areas where access is difficult.

Robust - The timing stations are waterproof and have a battery life of over five years so they can be left out on the course for long periods of time.

Reliable – With thousands of events using the hardware and software each year you know you are using proven technology.