Future Events

This page lists events where SPORTident will be providing or supporting the timing solution. Please visit SiEntries, our online entries system, for a list of events that we are taking entries for.

Date Event Event Type  
23 Feb 2019Endurance Life - Northumberland CTSTrail RunEvent Website
24 Feb 2019Canada Heights MTB EnduroMTB EnduroEvent Website
1-2 Mar 2019High Peak MarathonMountain ChallengeEvent Website
8-9 Mar 2019Tunnel RaceTrail RunEvent Website
16 Mar 2019Endurance Life - Sussex CTSTrail RunEvent Website
17 Mar 2019Scott Gravity Trail Enduro 1MTB EnduroEvent Website
17 Mar 2019BL Compass Sport Cup RoundOrienteeringEvent Website
23 Mar 2019Howard Street DualMTB enduroEvent Website
24 Mar 2019Springtime Classic CyclosportiveCyclosportiveEvent Website
24 Mar 2019Land of Nod MTB EnduroMTB EnduroEvent Website
24 Mar 2019Edale SkylineFell/Hill RaceEvent Website
24 Mar 2019Vallelujah EnduroMTB EnduroEvent Website
24 Mar 2019Hampsfell National EventOrienteeringEvent Website
26 Mar 2019The Wilson RunFell Race 
30 Mar 2019Welsh Enduro Series R1 - Foel GasnachMTB EnduroEvent Website
31 Mar 2019Hamsterley TTMTB EnduroEvent Website
6 Apr 2019Howgill Fell RaceFell RaceEvent Website
6 Apr 2019Endurance Life - Exmoor CTSTrail RunEvent Website
7 Apr 2019Hope PMBA Enduro R1 - GisburnMTB EnduroEvent Website
7 Apr 2019Vitus First Tracks Enduro R1 - RavensdaleMTB EnduroEvent Website
13-14 Apr 2019Oner Ultra Trail RunUltramarathonEvent Website
14 Apr 2019Chase the KiteTrail RunEvent Website
14 Apr 2019Kong Mini Mountain Marathon R2Mountain OrienteeringEvent Website
14 Apr 2019Scottish Enduro Series R1 - WolftraxMTB EnduroEvent Website
21 Apr 2019Gravityenduro.ie #1 - BallinastoeMTB EnduroEvent Website
21 Apr 2019Manx MTBMTB EnduroEvent Website
27 Apr 2019Three Peaks Fell RaceFell/Hill RaceEvent Website
27 Apr 2019Highland FlingTrail RunEvent Website
27 Apr 2019Dunkeld EnduroMTB EnduroEvent Website
27 Apr 2019Endurance Life - Pembrokeshire CTSTrail RunEvent Website
28 Apr 2019Le Puncheur SportiveCyclosportiveEvent Website
28 Apr 2019Penshurst MTB EnduroMTB EnduroEvent Website
28 Apr 2019Welsh Enduro Series R2 - Dyfi ForestMTB EnduroEvent Website
28 Apr 2019Chopwell FunduroMTB EnduroEvent Website
3 May 2019Irish Orienteering ChampionshipsOrienteeringEvent Website
4 May 2019Hope PMBA Enduro R2 - Graythwaite EstateMTB EnduroEvent Website
4 May 2019East Devon RoundUltramarathonEvent Website
4-6 May 2019SILVA Great Lakeland 3 DayTrail RunEvent Website
11 May 2019Malhamdale Trail ChallengeTrail RunEvent Website
11-12 May 2019Taylor Wimpey/Youth Adventure TrustChallengeEvent Website
12 May 2019Hamsterley BeastMTB EnduranceEvent Website
12 May 2019Kirroughtree Hillbilly DuathlonDuathlonEvent Website
12 May 2019Oban SportiveCyclosportiveEvent Website
12 May 2019Vitus First Tracks Enduro R2 - BigwoodMTB EnduroEvent Website
16 May 2019Calvert Trust Corporate ChallengeCorporate ChallengeEvent Website
18 May 2019Endurance Life - Dover CTSTrail RunEvent Website
18 May 2019Evening Mini Mountain MarathonMountain OrienteeringEvent Website
19 May 2019Boltby Bash EnduroMTB EnduroEvent Website
19 May 2019Gravityenduro.ie #2 - KillaloeMTB EnduroEvent Website
19 May 2019Manx MTBMTB EnduroEvent Website
19 May 2019Scottish Enduro Series R2 - InnerleithenMTB EnduroEvent Website
20-24 May 2019Dragons Back RaceUltramarathonEvent Website
25-26 May 2019Howies 24Trail Run EnduranceEvent Website
25 May 2019Isle of Jura Fell RaceFell RaceEvent Website
25 May 2019Glentress 7MTB EnduroEvent Website
29 May - 3 Jun 2019Cake or DeathUltramarathonEvent Website
1 Jun 2019Welsh Enduro Series R3 - LlandeglaMTB EnduroEvent Website
2 Jun 2019Bereleigh MTB EnduroMTB EnduroEvent Website
2 Jun 2019Yomp Mountain ChallengeMountain ChallengeEvent Website
7 Jun 2019Transcend EpicMTB EnduroEvent Website
8-9 Jun 2019Cateran YompCharity ChallengeEvent Website
8 Jun 2019Octavian Sprint OOrienteeringEvent Website
8-9 Jun 2019Scottish Mountain MarathonMountain MarathonEvent Website
8 Jun 2019Endurance Life - Classic QuarterTrail RunEvent Website
8 Jun 2019Sam Houghton ChallengeMTB EnduroEvent Website
9 Jun 2019Octavian Urban OOrienteeringEvent Website
9 Jun 2019Ribble Valley RideCyclosportiveEvent Website
15-16 Jun 2019Great Lakes Fell RaceFell/Hill RaceEvent Website
15-16 Jun 2019Railway Children Three PeaksChallengeEvent Website
16 Jun 2019Scott Gravity Trail Enduro 2MTB EnduroEvent Website
16 Jun 2019Gravityenduro.ie #3 - SladeMTB EnduroEvent Website
16 Jun 2019Scottish Enduro Series R3 - KinlochlevenMTB EnduroEvent Website
16 Jun 2019Skinny TweedMTB EnduroEvent Website
22-23 Jun 2019GritfestGravel EnduroEvent Website
22-23 Jun 2019West Highland Way RaceTrail RunEvent Website
23 Jun 2019Hope PMBA Enduro R3 - Lee Quarry & Havok Bike ParkMTB EnduroEvent Website
23 Jun 2019Vitus First Tracks Enduro R3 - RostrevorMTB EnduroEvent Website
29 Jun 2019KONG 10 Peaks LakesFell/Hill RaceEvent Website
29 Jun 2019Ballo EnduroMTB EnduroEvent Website
29 Jun 2019Midnight Mountain MarathonMountain MarathonEvent Website
30 Jun 2019Penshurst 2 MTB EnduroMTB EnduroEvent Website
30 Jun 2019Round Sheffield RunTrail RunEvent Website
4-6 Jul 2019UK ChallengeCorporate ChallengeEvent Website
6 Jul 2019Blackfell RaceFell RaceEvent Website
6 Jul 2019Artemis Great Kindrochit QuadrathlonMultisportEvent Website
6 Jul 2019Serpent TrailTrail RunEvent Website
6 Jul 2019Chevy ChaseFell/Hill RaceEvent Website
6 Jul 2019Alder Hey Coniston ChallengeCharity ChallengeEvent Website
6-7 Jul 2019Saunders Lakeland MMMountain MarathonEvent Website
6-7 Jul 2019Seafarers 24 PeaksChallengeEvent Website
14 Jul 2019Helensburgh SportiveCyclosportiveEvent Website
20-21 Jul 2019PokerStars 2 Day EnduroMTB EnduroEvent Website
21-22 Jul 2019Grim Reaper UltramarathonUltramarathonEvent Website
26-28 Jul 2019Lakeland 100UltramarathonEvent Website
28 Jul 2019Scottish Enduro Series R4 - PifichieMTB EnduroEvent Website
10 Aug 2019Galloway reCycle SportiveCyclosportiveEvent Website
10 Aug 2019Mourne Seven SevensChallenge WalkEvent Website
11 Aug 2019Hope PMBA Enduro R4 - llangollenMTB EnduroEvent Website
11 Aug 2019Gravityenduro.ie #4 - CahirMTB EnduroEvent Website
11 Aug 2019Manx MTBMTB EnduroEvent Website
18 Aug 2019King and Queen of the HillMTB Lapped EnduroEvent Website
24 Aug 2019Scott Gravity Trail Enduro 3MTB EnduroEvent Website
25 Aug 2019Aston Hill MTB EnduroMTB EnduroEvent Website
25 Aug 2019Naughty Northumbrian EnduroMTB EnduroEvent Website
25 Aug 2019Kong Mini Mountain Marathon R3Mountain OrienteeringEvent Website
6 Sep 2019Lloyds TSB ChallengeCorporate ChallengeEvent Website
6 Sep 2019Loch Ken Wild Night SwimSwimEvent Website
7-8 Sep 2019SwinduroMTB EnduroEvent Website
7 Sep 2019Loch Ken Wild SwimSwimEvent Website
8 Sep 2019Hope PMBA Enduro R5 - Kirroughtree ForestMTB EnduroEvent Website
8 Sep 2019Gravityenduro.ie #5 - CarrickMTB EnduroEvent Website
8 Sep 2019Yorkshireman Off Road MarathonTrail RunEvent Website
14 Sep 2019KONG 10 Peaks BeaconFell/Hill RaceEvent Website
15 Sep 2019Vitus First Tracks Enduro R4MTB EnduroEvent Website
20 Sep 2019Salomon Mamores VKFell/Hill RaceEvent Website
20 Sep 2019Salomon Ben Nevis UltraFell/Hill RaceEvent Website
21 Sep 2019Salomon Ring of Steall SkyraceFell/Hill RaceEvent Website
21-22 Sep 2019Oxfam TrailwalkerCharity ChallengeEvent Website
21-22 Sep 2019Mourne Mountain MarathonMountain MarathonEvent Website
22 Sep 2019Salomon Glen Coe SkylineFell/Hill RaceEvent Website
22 Sep 2019LancashiremanTrail RunEvent Website
28-29 Sep 2019ROC Mountain MarathonMountain MarathonEvent Website
6 Oct 2019Hodgson Brothers Mountain RelayFell/Hill RaceEvent Website
6 Oct 2019Dalbeattie Hardrock ChallengeDuathlonEvent Website
6 Oct 2019Top of the Rock Gravel SportiveMTB SportiveEvent Website
6 Oct 2019Penshurst 3 MTB EnduroMTB EnduroEvent Website
6 Oct 2019Hope PMBA Enduro R6 - Grizedale ForestMTB EnduroEvent Website
12 Oct 2019Langdale Fell RaceFell/Hill RaceEvent Website
13 Oct 2019Scottish Enduro Series R5 - Fort WilliamMTB EnduroEvent Website
20 Oct 2019Hopetech Women Enduro - Gisburn ForestMTB EnduroEvent Website
31 Oct 2019Descendant EnduroMTB EnduroEvent Website
3 Nov 2019Scott Gravity Trail Enduro 4MTB EnduroEvent Website
24 Nov 2019Kong Mini Mountain Marathon R4Mountain OrienteeringEvent Website