Charity Challenges

With charity challenges the safety of participants is often of more importance than the results at the end. We can provide a safety monitoring solution which will also allow friends and family to follow their loved ones on the internet, building up the hype around the event and encouraging donations.

SPORTident timing equipment

Each participant has an SI-Card, the timing card, attached to their wrist with a Tyvek strap. This card is registered to the person in our software so we know exactly who they are when out on the course.

Everyone can start the course at the same time or participants can go off in dribs and drabs. At each check point they will dib their SI-Card in a timing station connected to a telemetry device which will send that information to our server. There can also be a separate station for people to record that they are retiring from the event so you know not to expect them at the next check point. Event HQ is able to monitor progress of the participants and check point staff can even see how many people are still to come through their location using their mobile phone. Results and location data can be made available for the general public to follow online and we can even send out automated text messages and tweets when participants arrive at check points.

For check points with no mobile signal, the participants’ visit is recorded on the SI-Card that they carry with them and this can be included in the results when they download at the finish.

Advantages for you as an organiser

Safety monitoring – know who has started, who has finished or retired, and who is expected at each check point.

Robust – the check point equipment needs no external power.