Corporate Challenges

Corporate Challenges test the skill and ingenuity of teams by giving them tasks which involve mental and physical problems to solve. For instance, the teams could be running around a forest collecting clues to break a code, or using their engineering know how to build a bridge to hold the most weight. There is usually a competitive element, whether the teams are from the same company or different organisations.

SPORTident scoring

SPORTident has been involved from the start with the Microsoft Challenge and its successor events, developing ways of scoring these competitions. The basic building blocks are the SI-Card that each team member carries and the SPORTident timing stations at various locations on the course. By knowing the exact time that the team member registered at a particular station we are able to build up the result for the team. Because this data is carried around in the SI-Card, as soon as the team finish the challenge we can download the card and produce the results, meaning no delay for prize giving.

Advantages for you as an organiser

Proven – we have vast experience of scoring corporate challenges and will work with you to ensure the stages are logical and the event runs smoothly

Flexible – our software will score almost any stage you can think of, and if it can’t already we can develop it for you.

Efficient – by scoring your event electronically you reduce the number of staff you need and speed up the production of results. The waterproof timing stations are small and lightweight and can be left in the forest unmanned.