SI-Card Archive - Club Access

Those who are organising events using the SPORTident system can download a number of very useful files. The file of competitors is based on the most recent information that SI-Card owners provide when they use our SI-Card Registration facility to provide some very basic details such as name, club and date of birth. It enables those using event software to quickly add details of a competitor to an event simply by entering their SI-Card number or membership number.

Archive files are available in both SiTiming/AutoDownload and Sport Software (OE) formats.

Clubs Can Also Register Their Own SI-Cards That Are Used For Hire

Cards for hire owned by clubs are also stored in the SI-Card database and they will appear in the File of Competitors. Please log in and check which of your club's SI-Card are already in the archive, details can be updated online. If you have a large number of additions/changes please email them to us at and we can do the update for you.

If the club's own SI-Cards appear in the File of Competitors this will document which SI-Cards belong to which club.

All your hire cards are marked as Hired cards in the SPORTident UK database and as soon as you start using the latest files created from the SI-Card archive, you you will see that the "Hired" warning is automatically displayed for a card when it is downloaded at an event and this reminds the download team to keep the card. There will be no need to mark the card as a hire card during the entry process.

Improving the Accuracy of the Competitor Archive

As people enter your event you may occasionally find that their details are out-of-date or missing from the Competitor Archive. You may discover this during the pre-entry phase or as they enter on the day. It is in all our interests wherever possible to improve the quality of the data and if information is correct it will speed up the entry and download processes considerably. If someone owns an SI-Card and it isn't registered or details are incorrect we should try to fix it. We are providing two forms that you can download and print either to be handed out at your event or for distribution to your club members.

The opportunity to distribute these forms will depend on how the event is organised and in some cases when help is limited, it may be asking too much to expect the forms to be handed out. If all the event details are being mailed out to pre-entries, an A4 Si-Card registration form could go out with each entry where the competitor's details are incorrect. For events where people register on the day, one of the forms could be quickly handed out if it is known that their SI-Card details are incorrect. When entry is on the day and the Si-Card is compared to the Archive at registration or download, a form could be thrust into the competitor's hand if their details are incorrect. Likewise, if a competitor complains after the event that their details were incorrect, they could be given one of the forms.

Privacy and Passwords

To maintain the privacy of the data each orienteering club secretary has been issued with a password for their club. Club secretaries should email in the first instance and we will provide the initial password. If you wish to download files for your SI-Card Archive then please contact your club secretary to get your password. This facility will be extended to assist other sports in due course.