AutoDownload is our original Results software first released in 2005. The final version was released in April 2016. It has been replaced by our new results software, SiTiming.

AutoDownload can remain installed along side SiTiming while users get use to using our new software.

AutoDownload is suitable for use with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, ME, 2000 and on an old computer running Windows 98 if it is powerful enough! It can also be used on a Mac if it running a suitable Windows emulator.

If you are just updating the version of AutoDownload on a computer where it is already installed, all that is required is to download the new version and run the install. There is no need to uninstall the old version or make any changes to the SQL Server database application. All the licence key and password information will remain unchanged.

20 April 2016
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18 Nov 2015