Using SPORTident Software with Windows XP


Windows XP Support

Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP on 8th April 2014, actually before SiTiming was first thought of, but we recognised that many of our customers like to run on old laptops which may have Windows XP still on them. This influenced us when we started work on SiTiming to use Microsoft .NET version 4.0 which is the latest version of .NET to be made available on Windows XP. However, time moves on and the requirement for us to use features within later versions of .NET is ever growing. Some third party libraries we wish to use are now only available for later versions, and some security features to do with secure internet transmissions are only available in later versions.


The October 2019 release (4.98.1702.3635) was the last public release of SiTiming which runs on Windows XP.


We strongly suggest you seek to upgrade or replace your computers, but if that is not possible you can carry on running the October 2019 version of SiTiming. AutoDownload is also still available which is XP compatible (.NET 2.0). However please note that we cannot issue bug fixes or support any new SPORTident hardware features within any old version of software and we may find it difficult to support you if you are not running up to date software. Also note Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on the 7th January 2020 and while our support for it will continue it is probably not a good choice to move to from Windows XP.


Please contact us if you don’t have the set-up file.

SPORTident Config+

Windows XP warning: Users still running Microsoft Windows XP are required to use the portable version as the setup does not run on Microsoft Windows XP anymore. Alternatively you can prepare an updated folder of Config+ and the latest firmware package on a later Windows operating system and copy the folder to your Windows XP machine.


The Portable version is designed to work from a USB memory stick (but also works from any directory on your local disk) and does not require an install onto the computer.