Attendance Logging

DATAident DibbingThe number of students attending lectures at Universities and colleges of further education has never been higher. Some departments log the attendance of students at lectures so that they can identify students who are not attending the required number of lectures. This has traditionally been achieved using a manual system of signing in. This is not so easy in a lecture theatre with 150 students.

SPORTident provides their attendance logging system, AttLog, to manage this data collection and processing task. At the beginning of the year, each student is issued with a uniquely numbered chip, built into a key, which they attach to their key ring. The students pay a deposit for the key and this is returned when they hand in the key at the end of their course. At each lecture they dip the key into a station sited in the lecture theatre. It records their presence at the lecture and the data from the stations is automatically downloaded into a database at the end of each lecture. The software analyses student attendances and indicates those students showing a poor record of attendance.

For more information about AttLog please click here. If you are an administrator at an educational establishment and have an interest in the AttLog system please contact us at We will be pleased to arrange a demonstration for you at a University reference site.