AutoDownload FAQs


This page is currently under development, we will be adding FAQs over the coming months.

I can't get AutoDownload to work with SQL Server or I'm struggling with networking

Take a look at our Troubleshooting Guide.

What file format should I use for the new BOF Results and Ranking system?

The new BOF results and ranking system uses an OE format file. In Autodownload this is a menu option under results, “Export OE Splits”.

Splits Print Width Problems. The right hand side of the print is cut off when printing splits or when printing results on a splits printer having selected “Narrow print”.

Please read the fact sheet.

I did not clear the backup memory of my check/start station before the event, how do I do a safety check?

The backup memory of the station should be downloaded using SiConfig or SiManager. The data can then be saved as a .csv or .txt file. The file can then be edited in Notepad or WordPad and the rows of “pre event” data deleted. The file can then be read into AutoDownload by using the “Read SiConfig/SiManager” screen accessed from the menu on the "Data Collection" screen selecting the appropriate station mode e.g. Start.

What are the system/hardware requirements for AutoDownload?

Please read the fact sheet.

Can AutoDownload manage loop courses?

Yes. When creating a course a course checking mode of "Linear with Butterfly" is selected. Any control which is visited more than twice is treated as the centre of a butterfly loop. On download the competitor will automatically be put onto the correct combination of loops. It is not necessary to put in a separate course for each combination - just put in one “master” copy which is any of the permutations. The course checking has been designed on the assumption that competitors will run the course on their map and thus there is no need to have to specify the loop sequence for each competitor. Note that currently you can not have a loop within a loop.

Is it possible to backup the whole SQL Server database of events?

Please read the fact sheet.

I've lost my database password or want to change it, what do I need to do?

Please read the fact sheet.

How do I use AutoDownload for a Compass Sport Cup match?

Please read the fact sheet NEW for 2014 rules.