AutoDownload is a software package for downloading SiCards and producing results for events using SPORTident hardware.

The following types of event are supported:

  • Orienteering, including schools and BMBO events.
  • Cyclosportives
  • Mountain Marathons
  • FRA (Fell races)
  • Adventure races

As well as the standard software start time allocation, relay, multi-day and commentary modules are available.

The main principle behind AutoDownload is why should you need to pre-enter people when the vast majority of competitors will have completed their course and their e-card is registered on the national database? AutoDownload will automatically detect during download all the details possible about a competitor. AutoDownload is primarily designed for UK district and informal events, where entry is on the day, but is equally at home on larger events where some or all competitors will be pre-entered.

AutoDownload uses the IOF data standard for its input and output. Therefore its data is interchangeable with any other software that uses this standard. If you have an event which requires any custom scoring or results then you can write or commission software that takes the IOF standard data and manipulates it, rather than changing the download software to do so.

AutoDownload has several other key features. See the features page.

Help is provided on all screens within AutoDownload, hopefully making it idiot-resistant to use.

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Live results at the British Middle Distance Champs 2009:

Live results at the British Middle Distance Champs 2009