Past Events & Results

Date Event Event Type    
21 Oct 2018Top of the Rock Gravel SportiveMTB SportiveEvent WebsiteResults
21 Oct 2018Welsh Enduro Series R5 - Coed y BreninMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
20 Oct 2018British Fell Relay ChampionshipsFell/Hill RaceEvent WebsiteResults
20 Oct 2018Round Rotherham RunTrail RunEvent WebsiteResults
20 Oct 2018SCAR Adventure RaceAdventure RaceEvent WebsiteResults
20-21 Oct 2018WEMBO Solo 24 Hour World ChampionshipMTB EnduranceEvent WebsiteResults
20 Oct 2018Great Langdale Marathon & HalfRoad RaceEvent WebsiteResults
20 Oct 2018DramathonTrail RunEvent Website 
20 Oct 2018Endurance Life - Suffolk CTSTrail RunEvent Website 
20 Oct 2018Mourne Skyline MTRFell/Hill RaceEvent Website 
14 Oct 2018Hopetech Women Enduro - Gisburn ForestMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
14 Oct 2018Scottish Enduro Series R6 - Fort WilliamMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
14 Oct 2018Matlock Top 10 SportiveCyclosportiveEvent Website 
14 Oct 2018River Dart Mud RunChallengeEvent Website 
13 Oct 2018Langdale Fell RaceFell/Hill RaceEvent WebsiteResults
13 Oct 2018Tuff-inish Adventure RaceAdventure RaceEvent WebsiteResults
13 Oct 2018Burn SeriesAdventure RaceEvent Website 
13-14 Oct 2018Shimano Enduro Tour - Gold CoastMTB EnduroEvent Website 
7 Oct 2018Penshurst EnduroMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
7 Oct 2018Hope PMBA Enduro R5 - Lee QuarryMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
7 Oct 2018Hodgson Brothers Mountain RelayFell/Hill RaceEvent WebsiteResults
7 Oct 2018Dalbeattie Hardrock ChallengeDuathlonEvent WebsiteResults
7 Oct 2018BRECA ConistonMultisportEvent Website 
7 Oct 2018Drumtochty EnduroMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
7 Oct 2018Limestone Way UltraTrail RunEvent Website 
6-7 Oct 2018Red Bull Fox HuntMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
6 Oct 2018BRECA Coniston SprintMultisportEvent Website 
6-7 Oct 2018Liverpool Big WeekendOrienteeringEvent Website 
5-7 Oct 2018Apex ChallengeScout ChallengeEvent Website 
30 Sep 20183 Peaks Cyclo-CrossCyclo CrossEvent WebsiteResults
30 Sep 2018Hamsterley Trailblazers TTMTB EnduroEvent Website 
30 Sep 2018Tooth or Consequences EnduroMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
29 Sep 2018FEARmanagh Adventure RaceAdventure RaceEvent WebsiteResults
29-30 Sep 2018ROC Mountain MarathonMountain MarathonEvent WebsiteResults
29 Sep 2018Endurance Life - North York Moors CTSTrail RunEvent Website 
27-30 Sep 2018Trans Cascadia EnduroMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
23 Sep 2018Welsh Enduro Series R4 - MarinMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
23 Sep 2018Biggin Trail Run R2Trail RunEvent Website 
22-23 Sep 2018Lancaster Urban WeekendOrienteeringEvent Website 
22 Sep 2018Marathon de Ben NevisTrail RunEvent WebsiteResults
22 Sep 2018Tour de Ben NevisMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
22-23 Sep 2018Taylor Wimpey WalesChallengeEvent Website 
22-23 Sep 2018Queensland Enduro AthertonMTB Enduro Results
19 Sep 2018Sefton RunningTraining  
18 Sep 2018AWE Team ChallengeCorporate ChallengeEvent Website 
16 Sep 2018Salomon Glen Coe SkylineFell/Hill RaceEvent WebsiteResults
16 Sep 2018Ard Moors EnduroMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
16 Sep 2018Vitus First Tracks Enduro R4 - TollymoreMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
16 Sep 2018Scottish Enduro Series R5 - PitfichieMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
16 Sep 2018TraighathlonTriathlonEvent WebsiteResults
16 Sep 2018Golden GiddyupMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
16 Sep 2018Nairn TriathlonTriathlonEvent Website 
15 Sep 2018Salomon Ring of Steall SkyraceFell/Hill RaceEvent WebsiteResults
15 Sep 2018Guide Dogs Coniston ChallengeCharity ChallengeEvent WebsiteResults
15 Sep 2018Jaguar Land Rover ChallengeCorporate ChallengeEvent Website 
15-16 Sep 2018Mourne 2 Day MMMountain MarathonEvent Website 
15 Sep 2018Cumbria Way UltraTrail RunEvent WebsiteResults
15 Sep 2018Ben Nevis Braveheart TriathlonTriathlonEvent WebsiteResults
14 Sep 2018Salomon Ben Nevis UltraFell/Hill RaceEvent WebsiteResults
13 Sep 2018Salomon Mamores VKFell/Hill RaceEvent WebsiteResults
9 Sep 2018Yorkshireman Off Road MarathonTrail RunEvent WebsiteResults
9 Sep 2018Lake District Mountain TrialFell/Hill RaceEvent WebsiteResults
9 Sep 2018SwinduroMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
9 Sep 2018Hope PMBA Enduro R4 - KirroughtreeMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
9 Sep 2018Eastgate TTMTB EnduroEvent Website 
9 Sep 2018High Life Highland OOrienteeringEvent Website 
8 Sep #4 - CarrickMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
8-9 Sep 2018Dukes WeekenderMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
8 Sep 2018Loch Ken Wild SwimSwimEvent WebsiteResults
8 Sep 2018Causeway Coast ChallengeChallengeEvent WebsiteResults
8 Sep 2018White Bear Tri/Ballygally Beach SwimTriathlonEvent WebsiteResults
7 Sep 2018Lloyds TSB ChallengeCorporate ChallengeEvent Website 
7 Sep 2018Loch Ken Wild Night SwimSwimEvent WebsiteResults
4 Sep 2018Ilam Park Fell RaceFell RaceEvent WebsiteResults
2 Sep 2018British Middle ChampionshipsOrienteeringEvent WebsiteResults
2 Sep 2018Aston Hill EnduroMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
2 Sep 2018Castleton Trail Run R1Trail RunEvent Website 
2 Sep 2018Lomond School OOrienteeringEvent Website 
1 Sep 2018British Sprint ChampionshipsOrienteeringEvent WebsiteResults
1 Sep 2018Grand Tour of SkiddawTrail RunEvent WebsiteResults
1-2 Sep 2018Glenmore 24Lapped RunEvent WebsiteResults
1 Sep 2018Bealach MorCyclosportiveEvent WebsiteResults
1 Sep 2018Wild Dart SwimSwim RunEvent Website 
26 Aug 2018Cycling Ireland Enduro ChampsMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
26 Aug 2018Naughty Northumbrian EnduroMTB EnduroEvent Website 
26 Aug 2018Kong Mini Mountain Marathon R3Mountain OrienteeringEvent WebsiteResults
25-26 Aug 2018Psycle 8/24 XC MTB EnduranceMTB EnduranceEvent WebsiteResults
25 Aug 201810 @ KirroughtreeMTB EnduranceEvent WebsiteResults
25 Aug 2018Bantry Bay Adventure RaceAdventure RaceEvent WebsiteResults
25 Aug 2018Achmony Hill RaceFell/Hill RaceEvent WebsiteResults
25 Aug 2018Glen ChallengeChallengeEvent WebsiteResults
25-26 Aug 2018Dig Deep Peak DistrictTrail RunEvent Website 
25 Aug 2018Skye Mor and BeagCyclosportiveEvent WebsiteResults
19 Aug 2018King and Queen of the HillMTB Lapped EnduroEvent Website 
19 Aug 2018Manx MTB Enduro - R3 Summit to SeaMTB EnduroEvent Website 
19 Aug 2018Jurassicman Extreme TriathlonUltramarathonEvent WebsiteResults
18 Aug 2018Off the Bloom Adventure RaceAdventure RaceEvent WebsiteResults
18-19 Aug 2018STARMAN Night TriathlonTriathlonEvent WebsiteResults
18-19 Aug 2018Steamboat Springs Enduro - R4MTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
17-19 Aug 2018Beacons 100/50Trail RunEvent WebsiteResults
12 Aug 2018Lowther Lakeland Trail RunTrail RunEvent WebsiteResults
12 Aug 2018BRECA ButtermereMultisportEvent WebsiteResults
11 Aug 2018Galloway reCycle SportiveCyclosportiveEvent WebsiteResults
11 Aug 2018BRECA Buttermere SprintMultisportEvent WebsiteResults
5 Aug 2018Ard Rock Sport & IntroMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
5 Aug 2018Burgess Hill RumbleCyclosportiveEvent WebsiteResults
4 Aug 2018Borrowdale Fell RaceFell/Hill RaceEvent WebsiteResults
4 Aug #3 - BallyhouraMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
4 Aug 2018Ard Rock Enduro & SprintMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
4 Aug 2018Ard Rock MTB MarathonMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
4-5 Aug 2018Big Mountain Enduro - R4 AspenMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
3-4 Aug 2018Grim Reaper UltramarathonUltramarathonEvent WebsiteResults
29 Jul 2018Scottish Enduro Series R4 - DunoonMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
29 Jul - 3 Aug 2018Lakes 5 DaysOrienteeringEvent WebsiteResults
28 Jul 2018Scott Enduro Cup PowderhornMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
27-29 Jul 2018Lakeland 100UltramarathonEvent WebsiteResults
22 Jul 2018Alpinestars MTB Trail AttackMultisportEvent WebsiteResults
21-22 Jul 2018Angel Fire Enduro - R3MTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
15 Jul 2018Scafell Sky RaceTrail/Fell RunEvent WebsiteResults
14 Jul 2018Lakes Sky UltraTrail/Fell RunEvent WebsiteResults
14 Jul 201810 Peaks - Brecon BeaconsFell/Hill RaceEvent WebsiteResults
14 Jul 2018Cowal Way Chase UltraTrail RunEvent WebsiteResults
14-15 Jul 2018PokerStars 2 Day EnduroMTB EnduroEvent Website 
8 Jul 2018DABKA Round Donny RunTrail Run Results
8 Jul 2018BRECA GowerMultisportEvent WebsiteResults
7 Jul 2018Chevy ChaseFell/Hill RaceEvent WebsiteResults
7 Jul 2018Alder Hey Coniston ChallengeCharity ChallengeEvent WebsiteResults
7 Jul 2018Serpent TrailTrail RunEvent WebsiteResults
7-8 Jul 2018Seafarers 24 PeaksChallengeEvent Website 
7 Jul 2018BRECA Gower SprintMultisportEvent WebsiteResults
7 Jul 2018Moxie Adventure RaceAdventure RaceEvent Website 
7 Jul 2018Big Mountain Enduro - R3 KeystoneMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
6-15 Jul 2018St Dunstan's Adventure TrainingOrienteering  
5-7 Jul 2018UK ChallengeCorporate ChallengeEvent Website 
4 Jul 2018Shell UK ChallengeCorporate ChallengeEvent Website 
1 Jul 2018Davagh Enduro (Youth)MTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
30 Jun - 1 Jul 2018Saunders Lakeland MMMountain MarathonEvent WebsiteResults
30 Jun 2018Welsh Enduro Series R3 - LlandeglaMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
30 Jun 2018Sure to Sure Swimrun LuxembourgSwim RunEvent WebsiteResults
30 Jun 2018Davagh Enduro (Adult)MTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
24 Jun 2018Round Sheffield RunTrail RunEvent WebsiteResults
24 Jun 2018Ballo EnduroMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
24 Jun 2018Penshurst EnduroMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
24 Jun 2018Vitus First Tracks Enduro R3 - RostrevorMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
23-24 Jun 2018West Highland Way RaceTrail RunEvent WebsiteResults
23-24 Jun 2018GritfestGravel EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
23 Jun 201810Peaks - The LakesFell/Hill RaceEvent WebsiteResults
23-24 Jun 2018Midnight Mountain MarathonMountain MarathonEvent Website 
23 Jun 2018Buttermere HorseshoeFell/Hill RaceEvent Website 
23-24 Jun 2018Big Mountain Enduro - R2 Crested ButteMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
17 Jun 2018Scottish Enduro Series R3 - AeMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
17 Jun 2018Granby Ranch Enduro - R2MTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
17 Jun 2018Dark Peak Trail RunTrail RunEvent Website 
16 Jun Champs - TicknockMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
16 Jun 2018Cairngorm SportivesCyclosportiveEvent WebsiteResults
16-17 Jun 2018Railway Children Three PeaksChallengeEvent Website 
11-15 Jun 2018St Dunstans Boot campOrienteering  
10 Jun 2018Ribble Valley RideCyclosportiveEvent WebsiteResults
10 Jun 2018Whyte British Enduro ChampsMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
10 Jun 2018Pitfichie Local EnduroMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
9-10 Jun 2018Cateran YompCharity ChallengeEvent WebsiteResults
9 Jun 2018Dingle Adventure RaceAdventure RaceEvent WebsiteResults
9 Jun 2018Sam Houghton ChallengeMTB EnduroEvent Website 
9 Jun 2018Endurance Life - Classic QuarterTrail RunEvent Website 
9 Jun 2018Ennerdale Fell RaceFell/Hill RaceEvent Website 
3 Jun 2018Yomp Mountain ChallengeMountain ChallengeEvent WebsiteResults
3 Jun 2018Welsh Enduro Series R2 - DyfiMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
3 Jun 2018Hamsterley TTMTB EnduroEvent Website 
3 Jun 2018Peak Epic SportiveCyclosportiveEvent Website 
2 Jun 2018Wharfedale Trail Half MarathonTrail RunEvent WebsiteResults
1-2 Jun 2018LAMMMountain MarathonEvent WebsiteResults
27 May 2018Matterley EnduroMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
26 May 2018Kirkcudbright Academy Half MarathonRoad RunEvent WebsiteResults
26 May 2018Dunoon TriathlonMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
26 May 2018Scottish Orienteering ChampionshipsOrienteeringEvent Website 
26 May 2018Big Mountain Enduro - R1 Santa FeMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
20 May 2018Solway SportiveCyclosportiveEvent WebsiteResults
20 May 2018Boltby Bash EnduroMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
20 May 2018Scottish Enduro Series R2 - InnerleithenMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
20 May 2018Buffalo Creek Enduro - R1MTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
19 May 2018Evening Mini Mountain MarathonMountain OrienteeringEvent WebsiteResults
19 May #2 - Mt LeinsterMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
19-20 May 2018Ireland Coast to Coast & Mtn RunTrail RunEvent WebsiteResults
19 May 2018British Orienteering ChampionshipsOrienteeringEvent Website 
19-20 May 2018Car Rally TrialCar Rally  
16 May 2018Battleaxe Score Event R2OrienteeringEvent Website 
13 May 2018Vitus First Tracks Enduro R2 - BigwoodMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
13 May 2018Hamsterley BeastMTB EnduranceEvent WebsiteResults
13 May 2018Kirroughtree Hillbilly DuathlonDuathlonEvent WebsiteResults
13 May 2018Chopwell FunduroMTB EnduroEvent Website 
13 May 2018Down Puerto VallartaMTB DownhillEvent Website 
13 May 2018White Peak Trail RunTrail RunEvent Website 
12 May 2018Quest Adventure Race - Betws y CoedAdventure RaceEvent WebsiteResults
12 May 2018QECP Day & Night EnduroMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
12-13 May 2018Taylor Wimpey/Youth Adventure TrustChallengeEvent Website 
12 May 2018St. Neots Urban Sprint OOrienteeringEvent Website 
12 May 2018Aviemore 100CyclosportiveEvent Website 
12 May 2018Bealach BeagCyclosportiveEvent WebsiteResults
11-20 May 2018Brathay 10 in 10 MarathonsUltradistance RunEvent WebsiteResults
9 May 2018Battleaxe Score Event R1OrienteeringEvent Website 
6 May 2018Hope PMBA Enduro R3 - GraythwaiteMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
6 May 2018Spring Trail Run - Bradfield #4Trail RunEvent Website 
5-6 May 2018OMM Bike/Lite/Trail RaceMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
5 May 2018Glen Lyon UltraTrail RunEvent Website 
5 May 2018MacavalancheMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
5-7 May 2018Silva Great Lakeland 3 DayTrail RunEvent WebsiteResults
29 Apr 2018Bereleigh EnduroMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
29 Apr 2018Le Puncheur SportiveCyclosportiveEvent WebsiteResults
29 Apr 2018Chase the KiteTrail RunEvent WebsiteResults
29 Apr 2018Battle of Bradfield SportiveTrail RunEvent Website 
28 Apr 2018Three Peaks Fell RaceFell/Hill RaceEvent WebsiteResults
28 Apr 2018Dunkeld EnduroMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
28 Apr 2018Endurance Life - Pembrokeshire CTSTrail RunEvent Website 
28 Apr 201810 Under the BenMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
22 Apr 2018Scott Gravity Trail EnduroMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
22 Apr 2018Oban SportiveCyclosportiveEvent WebsiteResults
22 Apr 2018The Igloo SportiveCyclosportiveEvent Website 
21 Apr #1 - BallinastoeMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
21 Apr 2018York Uni Junior O SprintOrienteeringEvent Website 
15 Apr 2018Hope PMBA Enduro R2 - GrizedaleMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
15 Apr 2018Scottish Enduro Series R1 - WolftraxMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
15 Apr 2018Manx MTB Enduro - R1 The NorthMTB EnduroEvent Website 
14 Apr 2018Mourne Highline Fell RaceFell RaceEvent Website 
14-15 Apr 2018Graythwaite East & Lingmoor OOrienteeringEvent Website 
12 Apr 201826 Extreme City ChallengeCorporate ChallengeEvent Website 
8 Apr 2018Vitus First Tracks Enduro R1 - CastlewellanMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
8 Apr 2018Kong Mini Mountain Marathon R2Mountain OrienteeringEvent WebsiteResults
8 Apr 2018Spring Trail Run - Meerbrook #3Trail RunEvent Website 
7 Apr 2018Shore 2 Summit Adventure RaceAdventure RaceEvent WebsiteResults
7 Apr 2018Endurance Life - Exmoor CTSTrail RunEvent Website 
31 Mar 2018Welsh Enduro Series R1 - Foel GasnachMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
30 Mar - 2 Apr 2018JK Orienteering FestivalOrienteeringEvent WebsiteResults
25 Mar 2018Land of Nod EnduroMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
25 Mar 2018Vallelujah EnduroMTB EnduroEvent Website 
25 Mar 2018Ski-An-DuroSki EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
25 Mar 2018Spring Trail Run - Bakewell #2Trail RunEvent Website 
18 Mar 2018Kielder ND(H)uroMTB EnduroEvent Website 
17 Mar 2018Endurance Life - Sussex CTSTrail RunEvent Website 
11 Mar 2018Edale SkylineFell/Hill RaceEvent WebsiteResults
10 Mar 2018The Wee TriathlonMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
10 Mar 2018Howard Street DualMTB enduroEvent Website 
25 Feb 2018Penshurst EnduroMTB EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
24 Feb 2018Nighttime Fun EnduroMTB EnduroEvent Website 
24 Feb 2018Fort William RunduroRun EnduroEvent WebsiteResults
24 Feb 2018Endurance Life - Northumberland CTSTrail RunEvent Website 
17 Feb 2018Wildest Peaks Trail RunTrail RunEvent Website 
11 Feb 2018Ae Forest Trailbike TTMTB EnduroEvent Website 
4 Feb 2018Kong Mini Mountain Marathon R1Mountain OrienteeringEvent WebsiteResults
4 Feb 2018Spring Trail Run - Darley Dale #1Trail RunEvent Website 
3 Feb 2018Wadsworth Trog FRFell RaceEvent WebsiteResults
3 Feb 2018Endurance Life - S Devon CTSTrail RunEvent Website 
27-28 Jan 2018Marmot Dark MountainsMountain MarathonEvent WebsiteResults
20-21 Jan 2018Strathpuffer 24MTB EnduranceEvent WebsiteResults
14 Jan 2018Hamsterley ND(H)uroMTB EnduroEvent Website 
13 Jan 2018Endurance Life - Anglesey CTSTrail RunEvent Website