SPORTident 365 - For Self-Timed Permanent Challenges, 365 Days a Year

Is your organisation involved with permanent trails, activities or challenges that individuals and groups attempt throughout the year?  Would you like to:

  • Provide participants with an opportunity to gather electronic data and times as they visit points on the course.
  • Attract participants to a shop, café, information or Activity Centre and make it a focal point for permanent activities.
  • Present Completion Certificates when a participant demonstrates that they have completed an activity.
  • Give participants a printout which provides a record of locations visited and times at points along the trail or challenge.
  • Attract more people to your website by displaying records of completion, results (if the activity is competitive), a list of times at points on a course, a roll of honour or a league table of performances.
  • Encourage repeat visits to your Activity Centre

SPORTident 365 is a state-of-the-art electronic data capture system intended for organisations that wish to tick some of the boxes above.  Participants carry an SI-Card (electronic timing chip) which is inserted in SPORTident stations that are permanently sited throughout the activity.  Progress throughout the activity, including start and finish times, are recorded on the SI-Card.   At the end of an activity, the data is collected from the SI-Card at the Activity Centre.  It is automatically uploaded to the SPORTident webserver where it is processed.  The system can optionally be configured to send the participant a text message that provides a summary of the activity. Each organisation can decide how they wish to display completions, performances and statistics on their own website in an appropriate way, using links to the SPORTident database.  The website becomes an interesting resource that encourages further viewings from time to time.

You don’t need to be an IT wizard to use a SPORTident 365 system as we manage the data for you.  We support you by making the data available so that you can display it however you want on your own website.  SPORTident 365 is easy to operate and the data from each participant is captured with the minimum of fuss.

Here are some examples of organisations we believe will benefit from using SPORTident 365:

  • Forestry Commission Centres from where permanent trails are based.
  • Activity Centres managing permanent orienteering courses
  • Activity Centres managing permanent team building activities
  • Activity Centres recording completions of trails
  • Activity Centres providing certificates or awards for completion of a permanently available outdoor challenge

If some of the above possibilities are of interest and you would like to know more about SPORTident 365, please contact