SPORTident ActiveCard (SIAC)


SIAC Fast... Faster and Available Now

If you take part in events using SPORTident timing, it is now the perfect time to purchase the SIAC and speed up your sport. A new colour is also available - Energetic Red.

Please visit our SI-Card shop where you can buy SiACs and other SI-Cards.

2015 - A Very Big Year For The SPORTident Air+ Contactless System

SIACS were used at the World Orienteering Championships in Scotland for every event and the athletes loved them.  MTB Enduro is another major sport which has embraced SPORTident Air+ and SIACs have been used faultlessly at 3 rounds of the Enduro World Series with more than 1200 competitors.

Smart SIAC And Smart Stations - A Seamless Upgrade Path

All existing SPORTident stations manufactured since 2005 can now support contactless punching.  Stations only require a simple software upgrade that can be managed by your club.  This means that with very little additional cost, your club can now put on events that allow contactless punching.

The SIAC is a very smart card.  It displays a vivid flash and issues a loud series of beeps to confirm that the control and timestamp have been written to the card. The SIAC can be used contactlessly with controls prepared as beacons and it can also be dipped at a control that is being used in the traditional way (direct punching).

The SPORTident station is very smart too.  In future your club will prepare controls for events in one of two ways:


  • SIAC will work at orienteering events when it passes within 50cm of the control
  • SI-Card 5/6/8/10/11 will work in the traditional way using Direct Punching


  • All SI-Cards (including the SIAC) will work in the traditional way using Direct Punching (dipping the card)

What's Not to Like!

The SIAC is a great piece of tech and is well worth the investment even if used at traditional events because:

  • It is the fastest direct punching SI-Card
  • It provides fantastic flashing and bleeping feedback signals

The battery in the SIAC will work for several years thanks to SPORTident’s ultra-low power technology.  When the battery is empty, the SIAC works like the SI-Card 10 so you can continue to use it for Direct Punching.  Send the SIAC to us when it is convenient so that we can change the battery.  This will cost about £10.  The SIAC comes with a 2 year warranty on electronic parts (not including the battery).