SiTiming - Complex Scoring

Complex Scoring (previous called TRS) allows non-standard courses to be scored within SiTiming. The standard software includes support for time, stage and points based courses and the Lap Counting Add On supports Lap based courses.

Complex Scoring can be used for team building events such as the UK Challenge were teams get set tasks to complete based on a theme. Complex Scoring has been used for over 150 of these challenges including a virtual snakes and ladders board, the old 1980s Pacman game, trading stocks and shares and a stage based on the 2010 film Inception.

Complex Scoring is also used for some Adventure races, Mountain Bike Orienteering Small Area Format (SAF) and orienteering Christmas Special or training events including "Odds and Evens" and "Snooker O".

If you have an event which requires "special" scoring please contact us to see if Complex Scoring can meet your requirements.