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You can purchase SIACs, SI-Cards and accessories at the Online Shop. To purchase other items please contact

Commercial organisations are charged the recommended retail price. If the purchasing organisation is using the equipment for a sport based activity and makes NO financial gain from the events or activities for which the equipment is used then the Discounted Price List should be selected, most of the prices will be discounted by about 15%. Examples of Not for Profit organisations are amateur sports clubs, schools and colleges of further education. Organisations based outside UK/Republic of Ireland should contact for pricing information. Carriage/Insurance is charged at cost.

SIACS and SI-Cards

SI-Cards are lightweight and durable timing chips used to collect electronic punches from checkpoints and can be used at a wide range of events. The data is stored on the card and at the end of each event the cards are downloaded and the data is used to process the score/time for each competitor or team. The card can be attached using a Tyvek wrist strap, an elastic finger strap or a lanyard worn round the neck.

SI-Card Accessories

Accessories to carry your SI-Card during an event. The card can be attached using a Tyvek wrist strap, an elastic finger strap or a lanyard worn round the neck.


SPORTident control stations and master stations are small and lightweight. The control stations are set out on the course and participants punch their SI-Card into the station.

Master Stations are used to download the SI-Cards 

Course Setting Accessories

A range of stakes, plates and security measures to help you set out your courses.

Miscellaneous Accessories

We offer a range of products to enable you to make the most of your SPORTident equipment.

Starter/Full Training Sets & Accessories

A choice of carefully selected bundles of equipment that can be used to provide electronic timing for a range of events and activities.  These sets are ideal where you will not have a computer at the event.  The printer will automatically print a results slip for each participant showing the controls visited, split times and total running time.

Thermal Splits Printers

Printers and consumables for providing splits prints for each participant