Starter/Full Training Sets & Accessories

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A choice of carefully selected bundles of equipment that can be used to provide electronic timing for a range of events and activities.  These sets are ideal where you will not have a computer at the event.  The printer will automatically print a results slip for each participant showing the controls visited, split times and total running time.

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Starter Set

The perfect way to start using electronic timing for small groups & clubs with modest budgets

The SPORTident Starter Set contains all you need to print a start and finish time for a wide range of sport and leisure activities

You can add extra equipment at a later date when budgets allow

Set Contains:

  • 20 x Lanyard
  • 2 x Station BSF8
  • 2 x Semi-permanent Label
  • 1 x Station SI-Master
  • 1 x Coupling Stick
  • 20 x SI-pCard
  • 1 x Printer Set
  • 1 x Discount (Start Kit)

Full Training Kit (SI-Card8s and BSF8 Stations)

Our best selling Training Kit! Everything you need to set out a course with ten control points and then provide a splits print to each participant.

You can add extra SI-Cards and Stations as required

Set Contains:

  • 20 x SI-Card 8
  • 12 x Station BSF8
  • 12 x Semi-permanent Label
  • 1 x Station SI-Master
  • 1 x Coupling Stick
  • 1 x Printer Set
  • 1 x Grey Carry Case Small
  • 1 x Foam Insert for Small Grey Carry Case
  • 1 x Discount (Full Kit 1)

Printer Set

The Printer Set comes as part of the Starter and Training sets but can be bought separately. 

Set Contains:

  • 1 x USB/Serial Converter
  • 1 x Service/Off Card
  • 1 x Clear Backup SI-Card
  • 1 x Able AP1310 Thermal Printer
  • 1 x Printout Station BSM7-P RS232
  • 1 x Gender Changer & Null Modem Mini Connector
  • 1 x Purple Start Card
  • 1 x Purple Print Results Card
  • 1 x Grey Carry Case Small

Purple Start Card

Start Card
• Sets a mass start time in a Printout Station for an event. 


Purple Print Results Card

Print Results Card
• Prints basic results from a Printout Station


Gender Changer & Null Modem Mini Connector

A gender changing connector for use with a BSM7-P printout station