Using SiTiming with Antivirus Software


It seems that McAfee dislikes SiTiming. SiTiming is not a widely using software application and McAfee's "Real Protect" is falsely flagging Sportident.initialiseWinApplication.exe as being a virus and/or containing a trojan and quarantining it (effectively deleting it).

Having contacted McAfee there is a solution, but for now the fix will have to be re-applied after McAfee updates, that should (hopefully) change because the information will be filtered into future McAfee updates.

The trick is to add the SiTiming file (‘SPORTident.InitialiseWinApplication.exe’ which lives in ‘c:\program files\Sportident\SITiming’) to the ‘Real Time Scanning’ ‘Exclusion’ list. The list is normally empty. The Real Time Scanning is in the ‘PC Security’ section and the fix only took a couple of minutes when we identified it.

Windows 10 and Windows SmartScreen

Windows SmartScreen (also called Windows Defender SmartScreen and SmartScreen Filter in different places) is Microsoft's anti-phishing, anti-malware software. Windows SmartScreen blocks all files that it does not know. When a new SiTiming version is released, these files are unknown to SmartScreen and thus SmartScreen warns about them. As more and more users install the new SiTiming version, SmartScreen learns that the files are good. As soon as enough users have installed the new version, SmartScreen does not warn about it anymore. If you want to install a new SiTiming version on a PC where you cannot ignore the SmartScreen warning, simply wait a few days until SmartScreen has learned that the files are good. SmartScreen does not support a whitelist, to which we could request a new SiTiming version to be added before publishing it.