Using SiTiming with Antivirus Software

In the April 2022 release of SiTiming we have done some work to change the way the software is released to meet every criteria we can think of to persuade the anti-virus software that it is legitimate. You shouldn’t notice any difference, except hopefully that SiTiming doesn’t get removed! This will not affect the SmartScreen process (discussed below), but if you still are having problems with anti-virus software removing SiTiming then please let us know by emailing

Windows 10 and Windows SmartScreen

Windows SmartScreen (also called Windows Defender SmartScreen and SmartScreen Filter in different places) is Microsoft's anti-phishing, anti-malware software. Windows SmartScreen blocks all files that it does not know. When a new SiTiming version is released, these files are unknown to SmartScreen and thus SmartScreen warns about them. As more and more users install the new SiTiming version, SmartScreen learns that the files are good. As soon as enough users have installed the new version, SmartScreen does not warn about it anymore. If you want to install a new SiTiming version on a PC where you cannot ignore the SmartScreen warning, simply wait a few days until SmartScreen has learned that the files are good. SmartScreen does not support a whitelist, to which we could request a new SiTiming version to be added before publishing it.