SIAC Active Card

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SIAC Active Card

SIAC Active Card includes an elastic Finger Loop 14cm (orienteering) or a Wristband 25cm (MTB events or trail races)

The SIAC holds 128 Punches.   When timing data is written to the SIAC at a control, the translucent tip produces several vivid flashes and the SIAC makes several shrill beeps to confirm success.  The SIAC has a 2 year warranty and the battery should last 3 years.  The battery can be replaced by returning the SIAC to SPORTident and the current cost is £15.

The SIAC is used for almost all MTB Enduro events worldwide.  It is perfect for ALL orienteering events and when used contactlessly, you only need to pass within 0.5M of a control.  The SIAC can also be used at events with Direct Punching where you dip it in the station, just like any other SI-Card.

All existing SPORTident BSF7 and BSF8 stations can now be configured to allow Mixed Punching - they work simultaneously as contactless beacons with a SIAC at 0.5M range and in the traditional way with older SI-Cards direct punching in the station.  This means that contactless punching can be allowed at events without extra financial outlay for the event organiser.

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