SI-Card 9

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SI-Card 9

The main features of the SI-Card 9 are:

  • Size 70*20*8 mm
  • Comes with a black finger loop
  • 53 punch capacity (50 punches with time and control number, start time, check time, finish time)
  • 5 year return to base warranty against chip failure
  • Normally BLUE Body and BLACK Tip but colours may vary
  • Supercedes and is faster than the SI-Card 6, nearly 3 times faster than an SI-Card 5
  • This card does NOT work with the older BSF3/4/6 SI-Stations. All major worldwide events use the new style stations but a few clubs do still have the older stations which they use for low key/informal events. At these events you will need to be loaned an old SI-Card 5 to use.  You should only purchase an SI-Card 6 if you require more than 50 punches or you need to use an SI-Card regularly with the older BSF3/4/6 SI-Stations.

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