Station SI-Master

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Station SI-Master

SI-Master BS8DT Blue.  Timemaster & BSF8 Station Combined
• Battery capacity: 1000 mAh.
• Translucent Blue case
• Dimensions (mm): 101 x 51 x 19
• Weight (Grams): 62
• Smooth and compact design

The SPORTident BS8 SI-Master is supplied programmed as a Clear station but can be configured as any other SPORTident station.  The station also includes two additional service modes:

As “TimeMaster” the station transmits its clock time to any other SPORTident station using the coupling stick.  This enables a set of SPORTident stations can be synchronised very quickly. SI-Master in this mode also works with older SPORTident stations from series 3, 4 and 6.

In “ExtendedMaster” Mode the SI-Master transmits its clock time to any other SPORTident station. Additionally the SI-Master clears the backup memory of the slaved station and transmits its own active time to any other unit. The ExtendedMaster functionality only can be applied to series 7/8 SI-stations.

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