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Accessories to carry your SI-Card during an event. The card can be attached using a Tyvek wrist strap, an elastic finger strap or a lanyard worn round the neck.

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Disposable Tyvek Wristband - strip of 10

Strip of 10, one use only ultra-strong, tamperproof Tyvek wristbands for attaching your SI-Card to your wrist.

Colour will vary.


Spare Finger Loop 14cm (black)

Spare black elastic 14cm finger loop for SI-Card 5/6/8/9/10/11/ComCard (used for orienteering)


Elastic 25cm Wristband

Black elastic 25cm Wristband for SI-Card 5/6/8/9/10/11/SIAC.  Typically used for MTB events, fell and trail races.  Orienteers generally use a 14cm Finger Loop.



Attach your SI-Card to the yoyo. Attach the yoyo to your bike or your clothing



Lanyard which can be attached to your SI-Card or SI-pCard


SI-Card Security Cord

Don't lose your SIAC/SI-Card.  Attach an adjustable 50cm elastic cord to secure it to your wrist




A handling fee of £ 1.20 (£ 1.00 plus VAT) will be applied to any order below £ 4.00.


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