Trade-in SI-Card/Emit brikke

Price: £ -3.00 (£ -2.50 ex VAT)

Reduce the cost of your new SI-Card by trading in your old SI-Card or Emit brikke.  You can trade in one old SI-Card for each SI-Card you purchase in this order.

Before we can dispatch your order you need to send us your old card/s. It is your responsibility to ensure that your card/s arrive with us intact.  Please use a small padded envelope and if sending from the UK, use Large Letter Post (max thickness 2.5cm) or a tracked option.  We will pass on any penalty charges for incorrect postage levied by Royal Mail.

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A handling fee of £ 1.20 (£ 1.00 plus VAT) will be applied to any order below £ 4.00.