SI-Card 9 - Personalised Number/Colour

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SI-Card 9 - Personalised Number/Colour

It usually takes about two weeks to manufacture a personalised SI-Card.  Please allow an extra week for deliveries outside the United Kingdom.

The main features of the SI-Card 9 are:

  • Size 70*20*8 mm
  • Comes with a finger loop
  • 53 punch capacity (50 punches with time and control number, start time, check time, finish time)
  • 5 year return to base warranty against chip failure
  • Range of unique card numbers (1000001 to 1999999), with user specified card numbers supported
  • Personalised SI-Card 9s are available in 9 colours for the body and 9 for the tip allow 81 different colour combinations, allowing you to easily identify your card from those of your family and friends
  • Supercedes and is faster than the SI-Card 6, nearly 3 times faster than an SI-Card 5
  • Does NOT work with pre2005 BSF3/4/6 SI-Stations. All major worldwide events use newer stations and very few organisations still have the older stations which they use for low key/informal events. At these events you will need to be lent an old SI-Card 5.

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Trade-in SI-Card/Emit brikke

Reduce the cost of your new SI-Card by trading in your old SI-Card or Emit brikke.


SI-Card Security Cord

SI-Card Security Cord

Don't lose your SIAC/SI-Card.  Attach an adjustable 50cm elastic cord to secure it to your wrist


Disposable Tyvek Wristband - strip of 10

Disposable Tyvek Wristband - strip of 10

Strip of 10, one use only ultra-strong, tamperproof Tyvek wristbands for attaching your SI-Card to your wrist.

Colour will vary.




Lanyard which can be attached to your SI-Card or SI-pCard




Attach your SI-Card to the yoyo. Attach the yoyo to your bike or your clothing


Wristband 25cm Elastic

Wristband 25cm Elastic

Black elastic 25cm Wristband for SI-Card 5/6/8/9/10/11/SIAC.  Typically used for MTB events, fell and trail races.  Orienteers generally use a 14cm Finger Loop.


Finger Loop 14cm Elastic (black)

Finger Loop 14cm Elastic (black)

Black 14cm elastic finger loop for SI-Card 5/6/8/9/10/11/ComCard (used for orienteering)


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