SIAC Battery Replacement

Price: £ 15.00 (£ 12.50 ex VAT)

Name to be programmed into SI-Card
Custom options for SI-Card
Enter your SIAC number (between 8000001 and 8999999)

The small internal battery in your SIAC does NOT have a warranty period and typically lasts up to 3 years.  It is possible that your SIAC was not switched on successfully at a recent event and the battery is fine.  Before you purchase this item try to check your SIAC at an event by dipping it in a SIAC Battery Test Station.  You send the SIAC to us and when the battery is replaced, the plastic outer casing of the SIAC is also replaced.  If there is no fault found with the battery, we will refund your battery replacement fee, less a charge of £5 for checking and returning the SIAC to you.    

SIACs should be sent to SPORTident UK Limited, Sleagill Head Farm, Sleagill, PENRITH, Cumbria, CA10 3HD. Please remove and keep any elastic attachments. The SIAC must be placed in a small padded envelope and if sending from the UK, use Large Letter Post or a tracked option. 

If you would like to discuss this, please email  

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A handling fee of £ 1.20 (£ 1.00 plus VAT) will be applied to any order below £ 4.00.