SIAC Active Card (Personalised Number/Colour)

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SIAC Active Card (Personalised Number/Colour)

It usually takes about three weeks to deliver a personalised SI-Card.  Please allow an extra week for deliveries outside the United Kingdom to other European countries and two extra weeks to countries outside Europe.

Choose from 6 colours and a 7 digit number in the range 8000001 to 8499999.  SIAC Active Card includes an elastic Finger Loop 14cm as standard for orienteering.  If instead you would like a Wristband 25cm for MTB events or trail races, please specify this in Additional Information on the CHECKOUT page.

The SIAC holds 128 Punches.   When timing data is written to the SIAC at a control, the translucent tip produces several vivid flashes and the SIAC makes several shrill beeps to confirm success.  The SIAC has a 2 year warranty and we recommend that you replace the battery after 3 years.  The battery can be replaced by returning the SIAC to SPORTident and the current cost is £16.

The SIAC is used for almost all MTB Enduro events worldwide.  It is perfect for ALL orienteering events and when used contactlessly, you only need to pass within 0.5M of a control.  The SIAC can also be used at events with Direct Punching where you dip it in the station, just like any other SI-Card.

All existing SPORTident BSF7 and BSF8 stations can now be configured to allow Mixed Punching - they work simultaneously as contactless beacons with a SIAC at 0.5M range and in the traditional way with older SI-Cards direct punching in the station.  This means that contactless punching can be allowed at events without extra financial outlay for the event organiser. 

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SIAC Battery Exchange

SIAC Battery Exchange

For full details of the SIAC Battery Exchange process, click the SIAC Battery Exchange link.  Please don't order a SIAC Battery Exchange until you have read the full details.   


Trade-in SI-Card/Emit brikke

Reduce the cost of your new SI-Card by trading in your old SI-Card or Emit brikke.


SI-Card Security Cord

SI-Card Security Cord

Don't lose your SIAC/SI-Card.  Attach an adjustable 50cm elastic cord to secure it to your wrist


Wristband 25cm Elastic

Wristband 25cm Elastic

Black elastic 25cm Wristband for SI-Card 5/6/8/9/10/11/SIAC.  Typically used for MTB events, fell and trail races.  Orienteers generally use a 14cm Finger Loop.


Finger Loop 14cm Elastic (black)

Finger Loop 14cm Elastic (black)

Black 14cm elastic finger loop for SI-Card 5/6/8/9/10/11/ComCard (used for orienteering)


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